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At Home appliance Rentals we're committed to providing a good deal. Check this page for our latest promotions which change from time to time. To seal a deal call and say "I want a deal!"

We hire appliances in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane as well as gaming consoles, computers, fitness equipment and other home elctrical products.


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Hire a Fridge, Washer and TV only $25 per week
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Gaming Packges Sydney - rent a PS3 & TV

Television Hire Sydney

  • 101cm LCD Television
  • New stock available
  • 6 month agreement
  • DEAL! $75 P/MONTH


Students fridge & washer rentals

Student Discounts Sydney

  • Free Delivery
  • Free installation
  • No bond
  • No deposit
  • 6 month agreement
  • DEAL! $26.54 P/W

What do you think? There are no hidden fees or charges, we take care of the delivery, installation and removal for you. There is no need to be concerned about cost of repairs either, that's one of the many benefits of renting because we are responsible for all repairs. This does not include damage as a result of abuse of course.

NOTE: The product pictures are representative only. Prices quoted may change without notice & are subject to availability. Prices are based on a rental term of 6 months. Terms and Conditions of rental apply.